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Mint Stripes Dual Longline Sports Bra | Women

Mint Stripes Dual Longline Sports Bra | Women

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In Minty hues, our bra's the clue,
Fuchsia lines dance, oh, what a view.
Hearts on your chest, love's workout cue,
With CRiZ AMOR, your spirit will renew.

Bold and sassy, it's time to play,
Fitness fashion in a fabulous way.
Minty vibes, come join the fray,
With Amor Dual, seize the day.

Feel the love, embrace your grace,
CRiZ AMOR's here, set the pace.
In Minty stripes, you'll own the space,
A stylish journey, fitness embrace.


Elevate your fitness game with CRiZ AMOR's Mint Stripes Dual Longline Sports Bra. Dive into yoga sessions or hit the cycling trails with confidence.

Our Mint solid base, adorned with Fuchsia Pink gradient lines, adds a playful twist to your workout attire. The little heart logo in front adds a touch of love to your fitness journey.

Mix and match for a total look with products from our Amor Dual collection, including tees, sport bras, and hoodies.


  • Crafted with love from Compression Fabric, a magical combo of 78% polyester and 22% spandex. It's like a snug and supportive hug for your workouts, providing the perfect balance of stretch and compression to keep you feeling fab.

  • Feel the fabric weight for the compression fabric, a delightful 8.25 oz/yd² (280 g/m²) that's ready to support you through every squat, lunge, and jump. It's like wearing a second skin that's ready to take on any fitness challenge!

  • Discover the sports mesh lining, made from 92% polyester and 8% spandex—a breathable layer of enchantment that keeps you cool and comfy during those intense sweat sessions.

  • Marvel at the fabric weight for the sports mesh lining, a light and airy 4.42 oz/yd² (150 g/m²) that's like a gentle breeze against your skin.

  • Say goodbye to see-through mishaps, thanks to the non-see-through double-layered front. You can move with confidence, knowing you're well-covered and stylish.

  • Embrace the convenience of openings for removable padding and full lining with mesh—a magical combination that lets you customize your support to suit your unique needs.

  • And we've got you covered, literally, with removable padding included. Say hello to extra comfort and shape that's all about you!

  • Fear not the sun's rays, for this Longline Sport Bra boasts UPF50+ protection—a shield of enchantment that keeps your skin safe and stylish on your outdoor adventures.

  • Prepare for the longline silhouette—a trendy touch that adds a dash of fashion-forward flair to your activewear game.

  • Plus, our fabric is OEKO-TEX 100 standard certified. That means it's free from harmful substances and made with love and care for both you and the environment.



SIZE 1/2 Chest Width 1/2 Band Width Front Length Band Height
XS 12 ¼ 11 ⅜ 9 ⅞ 2 ½
S 13 12 ¼ 10 ¼ 2 ½
M 13 ¾ 13 10 ⅝ 2 ½
L 15 ⅜ 14 ⅝ 11 ¼ 2 ½
XL 16 ⅞ 16 ⅛ 11 ¾ 2 ½
2XL 18 ½ 17 ¾ 12 ⅜ 2 ½
3XL 20 ⅛ 19 ¼ 13 2 ½


SIZE 1/2 Chest Width 1/2 Band Width Front Length Band Height
XS 31 29 25 6
S 33 31 26 6
M 35 33 27 6
L 39 37 29 6
XL 43 41 30 6
2XL 47 45 31 6
3XL 51 49 33 6


This Mint Stripes Dual Longline Sports Bra | Women is made especially for you as soon as you place an order. Our sustainable and eco-friendly practices prioritize reducing overproduction. Thank you for making thoughtful purchasing decisions!

 The Estimated Delivery Time (EDT) is up there ⬆️ in blue.

It's Totally Automated to your Location!


🇺🇸 US 9 –12 business days
🇲🇽 MX 18 – 20 business days
🇨🇦 CA 17–19 business days
🇪🇺 EU 10 –15 business days
🌐 WLD 20 – 21 business days


This item is made-to-order and requires custom manufacturing 

* DELiVERY TiME = Custom Manufacturing Time + Shipping Time. Note that these times are approximations and may vary.

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