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Light Gray Lovogram Large Tote Bag Black Heart | Accessories

Light Gray Lovogram Large Tote Bag Black Heart | Accessories

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In Lovogram's embrace, hearts dance, a chic connection,
Gray canvas, whimsy's essence, love's projection.
Genderless whispers, diverse souls unite,
With black heart logo, passion takes flight.

Beneath moonlit skies, this bag so spacious,
A canvas of love, both charming and gracious.
Unleash creativity, mix, match, and blend,
CRiZ AMOR's touch, a trendsetter's blend.

Unique and playful, every soul's delight,
Amor Primero, emotions take flight.
Step into your power, this love-filled dream,
With Lovogram, enchantment gleams supreme.


The Light Gray Lovogram Tote Bag is the perfect way to carry your love with you wherever you go.

This chic and versatile bag is made from soft, gray fabric with a playful lovogram pattern. The lovogram pattern is made up of small, heart-shaped geometric shapes in two shades of gray. The bag also features a black heart logo on the front.

The bag is spacious and can easily fit a laptop, books, gym gear, or beach towels. It also has a few interior pockets for smaller items. The bag is also lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The Light Gray Lovogram Tote Bag is the perfect way to add a touch of love and style to your everyday look. It's perfect for any occasion, from running errands to hitting the gym to just relaxing at home.


This tote bag is all about embracing your fashion-forward spirit with a touch of magic. Let's dive into the enchanting features that make this Large Tote Bag a must-have in your collection:

  • Made with love from 100% spun polyester fabricβ€”a choice that's not just fabulous but eco-friendly too! It's like carrying a bag of sustainable charm wherever you go, making Mother Nature smile.

  • Discover the perfect bag size, 16β€³ Γ— 20β€³ (or around 40.6 cm Γ— 50.8 cm for our metric pals!). It's a roomy wonderland that can fit all your essentials, from laptops to books to a spontaneous shopping spree.

  • Prepare to carry the world, for this tote bag has a maximum weight limit of 44 lbs (20 kg). It's like having a magical bag of wonders that can handle all your goodies with ease and style.

  • Plus, enjoy the convenience of a large inside pocketβ€”a secret stash for your smaller treasures. It's like having a hidden realm of organization within your tote bag kingdom.

  • Embrace the dual handles made of 100% natural cottonβ€”a touch of nature that adds a dash of rustic chic to your trendy look. Plus, they're oh-so-comfy to carry, whether you're off to the beach or hitting the city streets.

  • Our fabric is OEKO-TEX 100 standard certified. That means it's free from harmful substances, so you can carry your belongings with peace of mind and love for the planet.

With our enchanting Large Tote Bag, you'll conquer your day with flair and functionality. From work to play, this tote bag is your ultimate sidekick. So, let your fashion-forward spirit guide you, and let this Large Tote Bag be your trusty companion on every whimsical escapade!



SIZE Top Width Bottom Width Height Handle Length
16"Γ—20" 19 ΒΎ 13 ΒΎ 17 β…œ 28 ΒΎ


SIZE Top Width Bottom Width Height Handle Length
16"Γ—20" 50.2 34.9 44.1 73


This Light Gray Lovogram Large Tote Bag Black Heart | Accessories is made especially for you as soon as you place an order. Our sustainable and eco-friendly practices prioritize reducing overproduction. Thank you for making thoughtful purchasing decisions!

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