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Light Gray Laptop Sleeve | Accessories

Light Gray Laptop Sleeve | Accessories

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In the realm of Lovogram light,
Laptop snug, heart shining bright,
A sassy, chic, and gender-free,
Express your soul, your style decree.

Mix and match, oh what delight,
Versatility takes flight,
From sports to lounge, to anywhere,
In Lovogram's embrace, you're rare.

Chase empowerment, feel the thrill,
Dopamine high, a fashion pill,
With CRiZ AMOR, let hearts ignite,
Love your laptop, day and night.


Elevate your laptop game with the Light Gray Lovogram Laptop Sleeve from CRiZ AMOR's Amor Primero Capsule Collection.

Its "lovogram" pattern, a masterpiece of geometric hearts, radiates empowerment and love. Unleash your unique style with mix-and-match versatility, making every outfit a statement.

From cozy loungewear to sporty vibes, this designer sleeve embraces inclusivity and creativity.


  • Crafted with love from 100% neoprene, this sleeve is like a cozy hug for your laptop, safeguarding it from the trials of the outside world.

  • The 13" sleeve, behold its weight of 6.49 oz (220 g), so light that it's like carrying a sprinkle of stardust in your hand.

  • The 15" sleeve, weighing a mere 8.8 oz (250 g), granting your laptop the gift of weightlessness on your ventures.

  • Fear not the elements, for this sleeve is a defender against water, oil, and heat. It's like a mystical shield that keeps your device safe and dry on every quest.

  • Feel the snug fit, like a tailor-made enchantment, ensuring your laptop is embraced with love and protected from the whims of fate.

  • Embrace the faux fur interior lining, a velvety dream that cradles your laptop like a treasure in a secret grotto.

  • Unveil the top-loading zippered enclosure, adorned with two sliders that gleam like stars. Your laptop shall rest within, safe and secure on its magical journey.

  • But there's more! Witness the padded zipper binding—a touch of luxury that protects your laptop from bumps and nicks on the road.

  • Delight in the design in front, like a tapestry of wonder, while the solid black rear holds an air of mystery and elegance.

With our marvelous Laptop Sleeve, you'll glide through life's adventures with grace and charm. Whether you're a student, a creative soul, or a digital nomad, this sleeve is your trusty guardian. So, let your imagination soar, and let this Laptop Sleeve be your magical companion.



13" 15"
Length 13 ½ 14 ¾
Width 10 ½ 11 ¼


13" 15"
Length 34.3 37.8
Width 26.7 28.6
Height 1.6 1.6


This Light Gray Laptop Sleeve | Accessories is made especially for you as soon as you place an order. Our sustainable and eco-friendly practices prioritize reducing overproduction. Thank you for making thoughtful purchasing decisions!

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🌐 WLD 20 – 21 business days


This item is made-to-order and requires custom manufacturing 

* DELiVERY TiME = Custom Manufacturing Time + Shipping Time. Note that these times are approximations and may vary.

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