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Dark Slate Blue Stripes Dual Swim Trunks | Men

Dark Slate Blue Stripes Dual Swim Trunks | Men

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In waves of blue, our trunks take flight,
Stripes dance in day and fade to night.
Fuchsia, mint, a vibrant delight,
A poolside party, pure delight.

Turquoise whispers, periwinkle calls,
Under the sun, as twilight falls.
A total look, it enthralls,
CRiZ AMOR's style, it stands so tall.

Match and mix, let colors play,
From beach to bar, in every way.
A wardrobe bold, come what may,
In Amor Dual, let hearts sway.


Dive into a sea of style and comfort with our Dark Slate Blue Stripes Dual Swim Trunks. Embrace the vibrant gradient stripes in fuchsia, mint, periwinkle, and turquoise, adding a playful touch to your pool party ensemble.

Mix and match with flip flops, tees, and backpacks from our Amor Dual collection to complete your total look. CRiZ AMOR redefines swimwear with exclusive designer pieces that speak to your unique style.


Let's dive into the enchanting features that make these Swim Trunks a must-have for your beach adventures:

  • Fabric composition: 91% recycled polyester, 9% spandex—a sustainable choice that's both fashion-forward and eco-friendly. It's like making waves for Mother Nature while looking fabulous!

  • Feel the fabric weight: a delightful 5.13 oz/yd² (around 174 g/m²) that's light as a sea breeze. These swim trunks dry off in a jiffy, so you can go from surf to sand without missing a beat.

  • Check out the liner composition: 92% polyester, 8% spandex—a silky, anti-chafe inner liner that's like a cozy hug for your skin. It ensures maximum comfort for those endless beach days.

  • Plus, enjoy the liner weight: 4.42 oz/yd² (around 150 g/m²)—a feather-light layer that enhances your comfort without any unnecessary bulk.

  • Feel the magic of four-way stretch water-repellent microfiber fabric—it's like a secret spell that makes these trunks move with you effortlessly, on land or in the water.

  • Prepare to make a splash with the elastic waistband and drawcord—it's like the perfect fit, no matter how many waves you catch or tacos you devour at the beach.

  • Say goodbye to chafing and hello to anti-chafe mesh inner liner—it's like a shield of comfort that keeps irritation at bay, no matter how much fun you're having.

  • Plus, discover the mesh pockets and small inside pocket for valuables—it's like having a treasure trove of storage for your beach essentials.

  • And guess what? UPF 50+ protection is your sun armor—it's like a magical shield that keeps harmful rays at bay, so you can enjoy the beach without worries.

  • Fabric is OEKO-TEX 100 standard certified and Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified. That means it's free from harmful substances, and you're making a sustainable choice with each wear.

Disclaimer: To keep your Swim Trunks in their prime, make sure to wash them thoroughly after each use, washing away any salt/chlorine residue. And remember, designs with large white areas might turn transparent when wet, so keep it stylish without the surprise!

With our enchanting Men's Swim Trunks, you'll make a splash wherever you go. From catching waves to soaking up the sun, these trunks are your ultimate beachside companions. So, let your adventurous spirit guide you, and let these Men's Swim Trunks be your trusty sidekicks on every whimsical escapade to the beach!



SIZE 1/2 Waist Width Front Rise Length
2XS 11 ¾ 11 ¾ 16 ⅞
XS 12 ⅝ 12 17 ⅛
S 13 ⅜ 12 ¼ 17 ⅜
M 14 ⅛ 12 ⅜ 17 ½
L 15 ¾ 12 ¾ 18 ⅛
XL 17 ⅜ 13 ⅜ 18 ¾
2XL 18 ⅞ 13 ¾ 19 ¼
3XL 20 ½ 14 ⅜ 20 ⅛
4XL 22 14 ¾ 20 ½
5XL 23 ⅝ 15 ⅜ 21 ¼
6XL 25 ¼ 15 ¾ 21 ⅝


SIZE 1/2 Waist Width Front Rise Length
2XS 30 30 43
XS 32 31 44
S 34 31 44
M 36 32 44
L 40 32 46
XL 44 34 47
2XL 48 35 49
3XL 52 37 51
4XL 56 38 52
5XL 60 39 54
6XL 64 40 55


This Dark Slate Blue Stripes Dual Swim Trunks | Men is made especially for you as soon as you place an order. Our sustainable and eco-friendly practices prioritize reducing overproduction. Thank you for making thoughtful purchasing decisions!

 The Estimated Delivery Time (EDT) is up there ⬆️ in blue.

It's Totally Automated to your Location!


🇺🇸 US 9 –12 business days
🇲🇽 MX 18 – 20 business days
🇨🇦 CA 17–19 business days
🇪🇺 EU 10 –15 business days
🌐 WLD 20 – 21 business days


This item is made-to-order and requires custom manufacturing 

* DELiVERY TiME = Custom Manufacturing Time + Shipping Time. Note that these times are approximations and may vary.

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