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  • criz amor, blue beard designer criz amor, portrait foto with a black bomber jacket and criz amor heart logo

    Love comes first, love always wins,

    With CRiZ AMOR, the love begins,

    From hearts on sleeves to logo big,

    Our clothes are love's sweetest gig.


    Black and white, like yin and yang,

    Our pieces match, like bells that rang,

    Grayscale hearts, on patterned clothes,

    Our love story forever grows.


    Our genderless, comfy, and versatile styles,

    Make dressing up, worthwhile all the while,

    Empowering, inclusive, and body-positive too,

    CRiZ AMOR's love embraces you.


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  • criz amor main logo, black and white, heart shape logo formed by a square shape and two half circles, brand for men and women, casual, sport and lounge wear


The Amor Primero Capsule Collection is all about love, self-love, and expressing love to others. We believe that love should always come first, and this collection embodies that sentiment in every piece. The collection features our signature big heart CRiZ AMOR logo, heart stripes on sleeves and legs, and a pattern made of grayscale little hearts, all on black and white clothing.

The pieces in this collection are genderless, comfortable, and perfect for everyday wear. We offer sportswear, casual wear, chill wear, underwear, and accessories, each with a unique touch of love. You can mix and match our pieces to create your own total look or matching set.

Our Amor Primero Capsule Collection is not just about the clothes; it's about the emotions and the love they evoke. We want you to feel seen, inspired, and empowered when you wear our clothes.