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    In the world of fashion, where dualities sway,

    Amor Dual emerges in vibrant array.

    Two moods unite, bold and bright,

    With CRiZ AMOR's design, it's love at first sight.

    Periwrinkle and Mint, a dance of two hearts,

    A fusion of colors, where style imparts.

    Gradient lines connect, harmonious and free,

    In Amor Dual's embrace, be whoever you want to be.

    Sweatshirts and swimwear, designed for all,

    Inclusivity's call, breaking down every wall.

    Diversity thrives in each genderless piece,

    CRiZ AMOR's fashion, where acceptance finds its lease.

    Unleash your style, break the old conventions,

    Amor Dual's message, clear and with intentions.

    With each outfit you wear, make a stand,

    Celebrate your duality, take the world's hand.


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  • criz amor main logo, black and white, heart shape logo formed by a square shape and two half circles, brand for men and women, casual, sport and lounge wear


Dive into the captivating world of Amor Dual, where CRiZ AMOR embraces the power of duality. This visionary capsule collection redefines fashion, offering a fusion of two distinct moods, seamlessly woven into every design. With bold, empowering colors like Periwrinkle and Mint, we celebrate the beauty of acceptance and individuality. Each piece is a canvas, showcasing the intricate dance between two main colors, separated by gradient horizontal lines, an ode to the harmonious blend of opposites.

Amor Dual speaks to the modern soul, inviting you to proudly be both, to choose both, or simply be. The Sweatshirt two colors halfs is a testament to this harmony, a wearable expression of embracing your dual nature. Our Swim Trunks and Boxer Briefs elevate the narrative, boasting accent colors that gracefully merge with gradient lines, a visual representation of unity in diversity.

The main colors, Periwrinkle and Mint, evoke feelings of serenity and vibrancy, offering a unique and refreshing palette for the contemporary wardrobe. Accentuating the narrative are Dark Slate Blue and Turquoise Blue, symbolizing depth and tranquility, while Fuchsia Pink adds a playful touch, celebrating the boldness of self-expression.